Heptacodium Miconioides, Star Of The September Woodland Garden

Heptacodium miconioides, in bloom, behind the Blue Bench Terrace and Shed

Three views of dozens of butterflies collecting nectar
It had never crossed my mind, until I read Doug Tallamy's book, Bringing Nature Home, that butterflies might be in trees. Now that I have limbed up the oak tree in the woodland garden, the butterflies seemed to have made a pilgrimage to the newly revealed Heptacodium miconioides tree behind the shed in the lower garden.
Heptacodium miconioides, or the Seven-Son flower, 15-20 foot tall China-native that has clusters of seven white flowers which bloom in late summer. The flowers are followed by small redish-purple friuts on persistent, and equally ornamental, rose-colored calyces that look good well into autumn. As I mentioned in earlier posts, Heptacodium miconioides also has exfoliating tan bark that is a garden feature throughout the winter.